Monday, November 8, 2010

Makeup-less Monday!

Here is the first installment of Makeup-less Mondays. I was going to start the week with myself, but I had one brave soul who sent me her picture first.

Caroline from Constantly Evolving

Please check out Caroline's blog. You will see that she is a beautiful and amazing person, inside and out. Tune in next week for another installment! Please send all submissions to


  1. Oh you are too sweet. I love what you are doing here!!! I hope more we need to embrace our inner beauty!

  2. I agree Caroline. I think women need to start feeling more comfortable in their own skin. Although it helps when you are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Thanks again for being the first one to send in a picture

  3. ;) (not to sound snotty. sometimes I can't help it)
    you should post All of my pictures. I never wear make-up =D

    maybe I should....... I do like Carmex, though. won't catch me away from home without it..

    now to browse the blog. I LIKE this color. =)

  4. Send me your pics then HO! Can you believe I went pink? Me either.

  5. How fun to see your new blog. And also to see lovely Caroline. Wishing you a wonderful blogging experience.

  6. More power to you Caroline. I will eventually follow in your footsteps.
    Pretty in pink - I haven't forgotten my assignment!
    Keeping shining everyone.
    Pegs xxxx


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