Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Botox at age 8!

Ok I had to post this because I watched it myself in complete disbelief! Is this really even legal? How can you pump an 8 year old full of toxins when she cannot yet say for herself that this is ok? Please watch and comment, I am so disgusted!

Mom injects 8 year old with botox

Friday, March 4, 2011

And we're back

Sorry for the delay. Sometimes life just becomes overwhelming and blogging becomes less of a priority.

On top of that, I was having a hard time coming up with a topic. I mean, I have a list of things to talk about but I was feeling like a hypocrite. Here I am trying to tell other women how to feel beautiful and confident about themselves, when most of the time I don't feel like that myself. So days and weeks went by and I couldn't write on this blog because I felt I had nothing to say. Today however, I realized that we will all have days and weeks and years like this, where we feel less than perfect. Less than mediocre in fact. So when I am having those thoughts I will be honest about it, as it is all part of the journey to becoming happy in our own skin. Ok, moving on.

Ask yourself this question: Would I be my own friend?

If you answered yes, then that is probably a pretty good indication that you are generally happy with yourself, even if you have bad days. We usually don't hang out with people we don't like. Think about the things that make you a good friend, a nice person, a fun individual etc. and try to exemplify those traits in the way you treat yourself. If you are always there to lend an ear to a troubled friend, listen to yourself once in awhile. If you treat your friends with kindness and respect, show yourself the same. Be your own best friend.

If you answered no, or are unsure, perhaps you should make a list of the reasons why you would not be your own friend. Use this list as a reminder of things you would like to change or improve. Why would you be a better companion to someone else than you would your own person?

I answered this question YES. There are things about myself that I dislike. I'm sure you all have moments like I have where you say or do something mean or uncharacteristic, then cringe and feel guilty. Those are the kind of things I dislike about myself. But when I am good, I am very very good and that's when I can truly say I love myself.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Makeup-less Monday!

We are back after a long hiatus for the holidays. This Makeup-less Monday is featuring Happy Organist. She never wears makeup (except Carmex which makes her look ravishing!).

If you wish to submit a Makeup-less picture, send it to

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Little Girl Lost

Check out this story called 7 going on 27. I read it with sadness but not much surprise.

When I was a kid, there were no 7 year olds in Vougue, and I didn't even know what Vougue was. My shirts had puffy paint on them and I wore purple corduroys. The problem I have with parents letting their kids dress as adults is that it starts them thinking and acting like adults way too early. Why do we feel the need to make 7 year old girls look like they are grown up? What is the motivation behind it? This article is probably one of the tamest I have read on the subject but it got me thinking about the messages kids are receiving.

It is the same thing with child beauty pageants. It really creeps me out when I see little babies paraded around in heels and a pound of makeup. What are we doing to our girls when at that young age they are already being told they are not pretty enough to win, or they need to be perfect to be accepted? These girls have plenty of time to have adult experiences, why subject them to it earlier than need be?

I know I am offering up a lot of questions with no answers. I believe it is the parents responsibility to teach their children about self esteem and to dress them age appropriately, but at the same time I understand the difficulties when they see these clothes being marketed towards them or their friends wear them.
I believe a lot of it comes from the role models of young girls as well. When all you have to look up to is Lindsey Lohan who is in rehab or Miley "Hannah Montana" Cyrus taking bong hits, where can young girls turn for a positive example?
Unfortunately, as long as people buy the clothes and buy into the culture, this will continue. Show your daughters how to be a beautiful person on the outside, how clothes do not make the woman, and how your actions speak louder than words. Show her that she does not have to sexualize her body to get attention, that she can be whatever she wants to be, and to listen to what her heart tells her and not to the media.

Please let me know what you think about this topic.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Makeup-less Monday!

I have to do this today because I am going out of town for a week and will not be available to update. This week's makeup-less Monday is brought to you by the beautiful Crystal. She wrote something to go with her picture, and I just had to include it. It really brought tears to my eyes.

I came across "Makeup less Mondays" on facebook, and it intrigued me. I loved the concept of it! Being a larger person by others standards has always been hard.  When I was younger, I used to wear a lot of makeup to try and disguise my larger shape.  I felt that if people saw my beautiful face, heavy with makeup, that they wouldn’t see my ugly fat body.

As I got older, I was more comfortable not wearing much makeup or none at all.  I learnt to love myself as a "WHOLE".  I remember the first day I began to love myself without makeup. I was getting dressed in the morning and I just glanced in the mirror, I didn’t see a disgusting fat girl, what I saw was a beautiful young woman with so much potential.  In fact, I didn’t even notice any flaws in my body, I just saw me!

I truly believe that if people look at themselves in the mirror without any negativity they would be astonished with the natural beauty they see, however, as I learnt you have to truly know yourself, love yourself from the inside out.  Forget what the media says is beautiful, because in my eyes, everyone including myself is absolutely exquisite!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I am turning 30 next week. I am actually surprised at how excited I am. Don't get me wrong, 29 was a bitch of a birthday. I was depressed for a whole year. I couldn't figure it out, because I thought 30 would be the bad one. Leading up to 29 I could not stop thinking about getting older, life and death, mortality. Granted, a close friend of my family was terminally ill, and that may have added to the questioning but it was just a bad year overall.
Now turning 30 is the opposite. I feel light and excited. I think 29 was a mourning year for the passing of my 20's. It was ok to be sad, because that person I was is gone. This new person emerging is older and wiser. She does not hold all the answers, but she has a better understanding of life.
30 is a new beginning, a chance to change things or leave them the way they are. To try something new, to explore who I am and to relish in what I have done. Yes, there will be wrinkles and grey hairs that mark the milestones, but they will remind me of what my life has been. I cannot wait to meet the person I am becoming.
30 is going to be a great decade!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Makeup-less Monday!

Makeup-less Monday is upon us once again, and once again I am bailing on being the star of this post. My sister in law sent a picture as well as a wonderful write up that I want to share as well. So here is Julia:

I'm also "one of those women" that are constantly criticizing themselves. I once did a personality test based on Oriental Wisdom teachings and I was sad (but not surprised) to see that my results were: "I MUST be good and perfect to be happy". This was a few years ago but it was so painfully accurate that I still can't shake it off my head. It is a concept that I struggle with in every aspect of my life. I find it pitiful when people self-proclaim themselves as "perfectionists", as if it was something to be proud of. I am a perfectionist, and I'm ashamed to admit it. Unfortunately, being a perfectionists has always been one of my most "admirable" qualities... and that is precisely why breaking the cycle has become so hard. The truth is the more I seek perfection the more imperfect I become.
But I have made a discovery. While going through my pictures to find one to send you I realized that the pictures in which I am not wearing makeup are also the ones in which I look the most spontaneous and my smile the most genuine. I've come to realize that this "makeup-less" pictures are possibly my favourite. And that's why I am sending you my photo for the Makeup-less Mondays. True happiness doesn't need foundation.