Thursday, December 16, 2010

Little Girl Lost

Check out this story called 7 going on 27. I read it with sadness but not much surprise.

When I was a kid, there were no 7 year olds in Vougue, and I didn't even know what Vougue was. My shirts had puffy paint on them and I wore purple corduroys. The problem I have with parents letting their kids dress as adults is that it starts them thinking and acting like adults way too early. Why do we feel the need to make 7 year old girls look like they are grown up? What is the motivation behind it? This article is probably one of the tamest I have read on the subject but it got me thinking about the messages kids are receiving.

It is the same thing with child beauty pageants. It really creeps me out when I see little babies paraded around in heels and a pound of makeup. What are we doing to our girls when at that young age they are already being told they are not pretty enough to win, or they need to be perfect to be accepted? These girls have plenty of time to have adult experiences, why subject them to it earlier than need be?

I know I am offering up a lot of questions with no answers. I believe it is the parents responsibility to teach their children about self esteem and to dress them age appropriately, but at the same time I understand the difficulties when they see these clothes being marketed towards them or their friends wear them.
I believe a lot of it comes from the role models of young girls as well. When all you have to look up to is Lindsey Lohan who is in rehab or Miley "Hannah Montana" Cyrus taking bong hits, where can young girls turn for a positive example?
Unfortunately, as long as people buy the clothes and buy into the culture, this will continue. Show your daughters how to be a beautiful person on the outside, how clothes do not make the woman, and how your actions speak louder than words. Show her that she does not have to sexualize her body to get attention, that she can be whatever she wants to be, and to listen to what her heart tells her and not to the media.

Please let me know what you think about this topic.

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  1. I completely agree with what you have written Shannon. Kids should be kids first and foremost and it would be a perfect world if parents took responsibility to teach their children about self-esteem and to dress them appropriately. BUT.....there is always a many parents lack self-esteem themselves so it is impossible for them to teach what they have not learnt.

    So the vicious circle continues especially in Western society. :-(


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