Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is Beautiful?

I began this blog after several conversations with friends, after reading so many articles where women talk about how badly they feel about themselves, how ugly they feel. This really shocked me, because when I look at a person I always find something beautiful about them. It really hurt to hear that little girls as young as eight years old are suffering from anorexia, or that teenagers are getting plastic surgery.

These things, among others, got me thinking, "why do women hate themselves so much? What is beautiful?"

A lot of what society pumps out in the media is not beautiful to me, yet it is the standard to which today's women are held to. So what is true beauty? Who defines it? That is what I want to explore with this blog, as well as providing a place for women to discuss the issues they face with self esteem and body image, and hopefully a place to show women that beauty is changing and fickle. Together, we can find our own beautiful and embrace it.


  1. Beautiful qualities that I always notice are warmth, sense of humor, quick wit and intelligence — a true conversationalist. Someone who has an attractive and magnetic aura. Physical appearance is only a fraction of what makes someone beautiful.

    A good spirit makes me beautiful.
    Peggy xxxx

  2. You are one of the most beautiful people I have never met Peggy.
    Physical traits might draw you in initially, but it is a person's spirit that keeps you there.

  3. ooh this is a very interesting blog you started Shan, took me by surprise! Should be good...I'd submit my pic for you but as you know sheesh I wouldnt even want my gob plastered on the internet with even the most amazing makeover! LOL

    You can't hold it against me...I'm an introvert :)

    in any case I always go around totally au free...LOL hasn't made anyone drop dead yet, lol that's gotta be a good thing! ;) And...BRING BACK THE FRECKLE I say...SUCH a dying phenomenon :P

  4. Just do it Z! You could always put a black bar across your eyes so we can't tell it's you!


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